Sunday, March 17, 2013


Last night, I was down with fever but it went down when I heard Nitish Kumar’s speech today morning. It was an unparalleled speech by any Bihari leader. First time I heard a leader from Bihar is mentioning ‘per capita income’, ‘human development index’, ‘economic policies’ and ‘industrial growth’ in his speech. Sesquipedalian leaders from Bihar used to speak about caste, religion, equality and many more irrelevant words. Kumar’s speech was astounding like Bihar’s growth rate of gross state domestic product (GSDP).


What does “special category status” mean?

In 1969 while devising formula for sharing central assistance among states, the Fifth Finance Commission acting in line to the Gadgil formula, had accorded special status to three states on the basis of harsh terrain, backwardness and social problems prevailing in these states. Thereafter number of such states has increased to 11. As per Gadgil formula a special category state gets preferential treatment in federal assistance and tax breaks. The special-category states get significant excise duty concessions, and thus help these states attract large number of industrial units to establish manufacturing facilities within their territory. 

Adhikar Rally

Is it a power show ahead of next general election or a serious attempt to get special status for Bihar? I am not a political analyst but I used my common sense to get gist of this rally.

Ramlila Miadan, Delhi was selected place for rally keeping in mind that approximately 18 % population of Delhi is from Bihar.

Sunday, 17th March was chosen date for really another intelligent decision. 80 % Delhi’s population involved in service sector and enjoys Sunday as holiday.

Kumar’s speech was focused on economic growth, education standard and future industrial revolution. Almost 58 % of Biharis are below 25 year age who does like economic terms and education in speeches.

I am not judgmental here but in any case it’s a spanking signal for Biharis because upcoming elections will be fought on the idea of development. I couldn’t forget 2005 Assembly election of Bihar when Rashtriya Janata Dal cut my father’s MLA ticket and gave ticket to son of Don Bhagar yadav because his caste population was more in my father’s constituency. But now ball has shifted on development! Well played Nitish Uncle, soon I will join Politics ;).


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  1. what's your take on recent Hunkar Rally? and the effect it would have on political equilibrium ...