Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Wife Material

To imagine a world without women!

No color, no heterosexual love, no heterosexual sex, no children, no mother, no sister, no wife, no girlfriend, no life and most importantly “more pain in the ass”.

Urbane and Suave Middle Class Indian Society
Recently released movie, Cocktail depicts the Indian men’s mentality about marriage choice or spouse selection. Most of us choose the girls who cook food, dress conservatively, earn less money than us and wins our parents approval. Why does a gal’s dress and her independency stopping us from accepting her as our better half. We don’t have any problem in dating with skimpy clothing girl, we adore going movie, discotheque and pub with them but when it comes to marriage we simply refuge them by saying that she isn’t “The Wife Material”. I have no idea why our so called civilized and educated society keeps double unacceptable standard but it saddens me deeply and spark a flame in my heart to rebel against this fucking male chauvinist society who only cares about their comforts and stereotypes girls into two categories – “The Girlfriend Material” and “The Wife Material a.k.a The Good Indian Girl”. This Society clearly has two extremes a “Good Indian Girl” and a “Hooker”. Any girl who is not like a good Indian girl is certainly a hooker from this society’s perspective.

I know an M.B.B.S doctor whose marriage is on the brink of divorce only because his wife is a banker and earns more money than him.

I have a female friend, whose parents don’t want her to pursue higher studies because it will be difficult to find a boy for her.

Do you call it civilized and educated society, I don’t.

Stupid Indian Society

In this society, men treat women as a property. Men are sexually harassing, stalking, beating, physically abusing and raping her and still hoping she will fall in love with them.
They have two master solutions to reduce rape cases. They will marry their girl in the age of 14 and they will stop consuming noodles because it causes hormonal imbalance and provoke them to rape women. Hat’s off to their ideas.

 According to Union Health Ministry statistics, 68 percent of girls in Rajasthan are married off before the age of 18 and 12 percent of them married off before the age of 10.

These kind of thought not only raping our women but also our science and development. 


  1. omg! i was nodding in agreement till the end of the first para, n from there ive been like "waaaaaaaa?????"

    i honestly didn't know so much discrimination still existed in india! what a shame. and to think all of us are highly educated people!

    probably, our generation can make a "positive" difference.
    cheers friend


    1. Hope so our generation will make some changes......

  2. That's a nice effort Khushnud....but on the contrary, vice versa is also damm true. So, I think It is not about men or women, all have got their right to live their life in the way they want.
    What do you say?

    1. I agree vice versa is true but in India women suffer more than men do.....No one ask question when men lives their life in their way but when women does the same thing our society slap them with thousand of questions.

  3. I must say it's a wonderful post. I truly loved it. Such things happen in our country and the govt. does nothing to eradicate such evil practices from our society.

    1. I agree with you gov is doing nothing to eradicate such evil practices but these kind of things grow because of society perception and that include you and me as well. I believe if we all can change our mindset these kind of problem will vanished.

    2. You and i can change our mindset but what about others? For how long do think you will go on creating awareness among people? Some people simply don't want to give up such practices and because of such people i think the govt. should make strict laws and make sure that these laws are implemented.

    3. Ya we can't create awareness lifelong but there is certain domain where gov can't do anything like in our social structure. If someone doesn't want to marry with educated girl because she will be trouble for him in this case gov can't force him to marry her. My point is these things should come naturally or with education but problem is we are not getting the real gist of education.