Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Republic Day: Retentiveness


Since my infant I am a patriotic kind of chap. In my childhood, I celebrated Republic Day and Independence Day as a festival. I still remember my ecstasy for these days when I woke up at 4 A.M and without disturbing my mom I polished my shoes with special powder charcoal solution. I took bath with cold water on that chilly and serene morning and I wore my new white shirt and blue shorts. I kept Tiranga in my hand all day which gave me vehement feeling for my India. I extolled songs like “Mere desh ki dharti sona ugle ugle here moti” and I savored with Bengali confectioners’ Jalebi.

In my early age, I believed that India is the eminent and prosperous country and it provide a multicultural, multi-linguistic and multi-religious environment for 1 billion people. My civics teacher used to say that ‘India is the world's most populous democracy and parliamentary republic with multi-party system.’ Since then the word ‘republic’ has actualized deep impact on my emotional brain. But now my conjecture about India has been completely wiped out, only the reliance of word republic has been left with my emotional quotient.

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