Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dark and Dirty secrets of women: Episode 1

It was Alka on other side of phone. ‘Hi cutie pie, I have a blissful news for you’, she verbalized. ‘What happened darling, depleted with my girlfriend search, have you?’ I quipped. ‘This news is more captivating than your girlfriend search’, she uttered. ‘Then what, you had sex with your boyfriend’, I spoofed. ‘Why you always add extraneous sexual comments during our conversation?’ she said annoyingly. I replied. ‘It makes me feel virile and non-gay and also sex fascinates humankind doesn’t it?’ ‘Whatever but the good news is that we got our first fund for “JAGRAN”’, she said vivaciously. After hearing this I almost jumped off my bed and told her ‘What, how! You must be kidding’. JAGRAN is our social enterprise for rural area’s school student.

‘Finally you cracked it, you are such a darling, definitely you wore short skirt at the time of JAGRAN’s promotion presentation’, I babbled. ‘Nah nah I had put my jeans on but my sleeveless top was low-cut’, she said coquettishly. I can almost see her winking from the other side of the phone. After a long discussion on JAGRAN’s mode of operation, I asked her, ‘may I ask couple of question about women’s behavior’. ‘Ah! What happened to you my baby, suddenly interested in women! Dear we have many economic and political topic left to discuss’, she flouted. ‘Baby, I am serious’, I said. ‘Ok ok, dear don’t pester me, and tell me your concern please’ she murmured.

“Sometimes, my female friends behave queer without any reason. Why they do so?”
 ‘Hmm nice observation dear but it doesn’t apply on me. Anyway, it’s just one of those things that we girls periodically go through when for no reason we hate everything and everyone around us except our girlfriends and chocolate’, she said smartly.

“Why you girls are so obsessed with voluptuous dance. Is it an alternative of porn?”

“What do you guys think, can’t we have a dark and dirty side? Actually, gals have more delectably naughty side but they just learned to hide it, hone it and keep it as deep of a secret as possible. Yes, we treat dance as an alternative of porn but not for us for you guys. The dance bars is of course, the common man’s version of entertainment. We don’t want to let you go near “Umraojaan” or “Anarkali”, so we gal learn dance. Dancing is a vertical expression of a horizontal intention. It all boils down to sex.”
I will look on your further query but give me some time. I need to take a bath and after that I am all yours’, she said sweetly.

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