Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leading Rape newspaper TOI

I am avid reader of Times of India since my 1st year of college life, sometimes I don’t pick my girlfriend’s call while reading a Chetan Bhagat article in the editorial page of TOI. Even the first application Installed on my newly brought feature rich Samsung Android phone was TOI. Though I don’t like Kolkata based obese and dusky model, still I glance Kolkata Times every day. So there news contents and correspondence are proverbial for me at least for Kolkata issue. I didn’t abdicate my faith on TOI even after losing the battle of filthy brand war with Hindu. 
It is a misanthropic statement but someone has to say that TOI has become rape newspaper. I have been seeing rape news on the front page of TOI since last 10-12 days. Now police are able to crack 7-8 months old rape cases. There are various explanations for this but the simple one which come in my mind is one high profile rape case. Why do media, police and government awake up when high profile comes? Why do we middle class have to wait always almost for everything? I couldn’t answer these questions but I need answers. 
According to NCRB (National Crime Records Bureau) the crime rate of rape has been decreased by 10 % compare to last 2 year but TOI is unearthing it like only rape is occurring around us. There are reasons why I am writing all this bullshit, our hostel groovy gossips has inclined on rape cases. Some of my friends are researching on different methods of rape, after research they come up with new idea of rape. It is unintendedly influencing our acumen. 
Please don’t subjugate yourself on the basis of ungrounded argument ‘freedom of press’. Actually, the constitution of India does not specifically mention the freedom of press. Freedom of press is implied from the Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution. But there are some restrictions that are provide under the Article 19(2) of the Constitution. But editor sir had forgotten article 19(2) in the era of commercialization. Please put some respect at least for constitution of India.
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Monday, February 20, 2012

LUST is pure not LOVE!

Last week, I was feeling little dismal so I decided to call my friend Alka. I called her but she didn’t pick up as usual and she called me back after 10 minute as usual. I didn’t ask about call because I knew she will explain it in nitty-gritty form. I asked casually to just start the conversation, “How was your Valentine day”. It’s a standard question which I ask to every girl in expectation of some kooky answer. But her answer compelled my inside to ponder over guy’s mentality and real meaning of ‘I love you’. “Ah! Valentine’s Day fever is still on, for god‘s sake please put off this question for next year. I was sick of seeing heart shaped things and red color things everywhere. Even dessert comes in heart shape, brown chocolate become red how commercial! I had stopped reading the newspapers, magazines and even your blog a week before the gush-fest only because commerciality of love. Last year my ex-boyfriend had gifted me heart-shaped mouth freshener then I had said that transfer your head in heart shape. Thank god, Condom companies doesn’t sell condom in heart shape packet. I find this array of love depressing. I abhor the idea that love has to be celebrated on particular day. Seems like farce. In my teenage I didn’t feel same way. Those days’ heart shaped and red color things turned me on and I avidly welcomed these things but now I hate these flaunting” she babbled. “I get it you want to say you have grown up” I quipped to subjugate her. “I know you are thinking I am cynical but actually I am not. I am hostile to the “L” word. I prefer the other L word. L-U-S-T…it’s more pure, isn’t it? Let me explain. When you guys says I love you what it mean. The meaning is simple I want to get into your pants and it is absolutely cool. Lust is lust; it doesn’t disguise itself to make it acceptable. It is pure, unadulterated and can’t be faked like love. Lust has never broken any hearts. It has no side effect except joy” she lashed out. After that I had no guts left to enquire any further on this taboo topic. Then we discussed on Eurozone crisis and at the end she said that “on 14th February I was delivered a bouquet of pink roses. It is the color of friendship, so I am accepting it because no matter what, we shall always remain friends. “Love you, buddy. Vote for me now!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Valentine Week: Verve

This is the time when the whole world celebrates love except some dogmatic supporters of RSS, Shiv Sena and SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India). Anyway we can ignore them, can’t we? This is the only issue which gives them podium to flaunt their feckless power, but this isn’t the appropriate time to discuss the filthy politics. It’s time for exchanging heartfelt greetings of love, affection and ecstasy and a rejoicing time to spend with ones you love. Shit! How can I forget 70 percent of Indian male between ages 20-25 are single like me but don’t worry you can also delight in this week, only you have to follow certain steps.
  Here we go. Remember all your infatuation and select most stunning single chick among them. That will be your target.

  7 Feb- Rose Day Buy 12 or 24 beautiful red rose bunch in heart shape from local shop or you can order from or and write a sweet note on a red paper with some romantic quotation, sent it to your target. Of course she will like it and she will think you are expressing your love with flowers because ‘it best way to express your love to your beloved.’
  8 Feb- Propose Day You have done enough on 7 for feeling. Today you have to lose your wallet and buy pretty penny gift and profess her to your lady. If she accepts your proposal, then gift her commitment ring as well in true Bollywood style. After that she will be all yours. All the best!
  9 Feb- Chocolate Day Being in a relationship means you need to be nice and sweet with your gal. What better than to start your date with lots of chocolates, whose sweetness will increase the charm in your relation. I assure you!
  10 Feb- Teddy Day Teddy bears are always cute and they are loved by all lovey-dovey couples. Don’t forget to pamper your target with a soft toy. Girls cuddle the teddy if they miss us in hours of loneliness.
  11 Feb- Promise Day Love and relationship brings lots of commitments and promises. Don’t try to escape from all those promises and come clear on fulfilling them for it boosts the emotional bond between the couples. So make some promises which keep yours' girl happy.
  12 Feb- Kiss Day KISS-from Guys point of view this is the only romantic thing of relationship. Now comes the ‘Kiss’ Day on the 5th day of Valentine week. Plant a kiss on those luscious lips and claim your love. Don’t forget to eat some mouth-freshener!
  13 Feb- Hug Day Celebrate the comfort of each other’s warmth by a big hug. Show to your partner that you love, care and have affection for her. Hug like a “made for each other” couple.
  14 Feb- Valentine Day Oh, most romantic day of the year has come. Hold your partners’ hand passionately and just look into her enticing eyes and try to read it, if she is saying that she will be all yours forever and after then you are the luckiest man on the planet. I don’t think I should suggest further. Happy Valentine Day!