Saturday, April 18, 2015

Who don’t want to be heard!

Who don’t want to be heard!

There are lots of debates going on about freedom of expression. Some believe that they have every right to speak whatever comes in their mind, but some feel that the content should be filtered with decency and morality before speaking out. Before going into any vociferous debate, we need to understand the difference between “Speaking with Intention” and “Speaking for attention”.

Speaking with Intention

Any independent thoughts, a piece of arts and research finding should be allowed to publish without curtailing under the influence of religious sentiment, feminism and racial discrimination etc.  It’s is almost impossible to define right or wrong intention as, at best, it can only be speculative. Some writers and artists speak with right intention but become a victim of irrational fundamentalism.  There should be some mechanism which can protect an artist, writers, speakers and thinkers from speculation and suffering of unreasonable restriction.   

Speaking for attention

As digital communication is taking over the world people are trying to seek more attention. For number of clicks, some are using unnecessary filthy language. Some propagate hatred messages to seek attention from a particular community with ill-intention. Individual bully someone online, in front of million people which changes mass -perception against that particular person. Cyberbullying drives people suicide to mental illness.  

Let’s debate on freedom of expression ;)