Thursday, May 21, 2015

Oil Price and moral of young professionals

The changing nature of oil supply and demand has exacerbated the market volatility and resulting layoff and no increment for employees. In spite of recovery trends, companies are slashing jobs and holding cash. Energy analysts have predicted for “Good Days” but like others my employer has also decided to reduce liabilities and to hold cash. After getting this news 2 of my office friends and me decided to celebrate the moment.

We planned to go by office cab, but one of us got stuck in some important meeting so we booked a cab by using Uber free ride. We went out from our windowless office and found rain is splashing on the road, it felt like nature also wants to add pleasure in our celebration. We got into white Maruti-Swift and the driver pressured the accelerator and car sped up. The news was not new to us and it’s as expected, but still we were feeling sad and frustrated. Somehow drizzling was making us relaxed and our anger and anguish started vanishing. We started discussing how the little penny which we are not getting will affect our future plan. We reached MGF mall and stepped out from the car. As the weather was making us hungry so we went to KFC straight and stuffed our stomach with our favorites “Hot wings” and “Zinger.”

My friend Jagrit had to buy footwear for her mom so we planned to visit lifestyle. We had our friend Noor with us, she is fashion buff and she keeps knowledge about all hot and trendy stuff of the market so it’s hardly a work for us. Noor suggested that first we should visit Bata because they also have the good collection for female these days. At the moment, we got in the shop she quickly removed her smelly socks and made her prepared for trial. She tried many fancy footwear and we short-listed top 3 choice and decided to visit lifestyle for more options. Noor is bubbly Punjabi girl so glittery stuff always attracts her and Jagrit’s mom is simple Gujarati lady so while trial we had many compelling arguments to balance between need and choice. The moment, we entered in Lifestyle, Noor pointed on 10 things which she wants to buy, from yellow Paprika’s bag to Melange’s Footwear. This is the only place where she is like “Gladiator.”

After analyzing all nitty-gritty, we finalized 3 footwear and it was really difficult to finalize one so Jagrit called her sister to seek her opinions and that was also not very helpful. Two aunties were window-shopping beside us and according to Noor one of them was not satisfied with her sex life, we took their opinion as well. Considering our no-increment mode, we were no way looking for 2 footwear but we end up buying 2 footwear and we admitted the power of marketing for consumer behavior.

It was almost 9 P.M and we had office tomorrow so we planned to stop our discussion regarding new car we want to buy, new place we wish to visit and new girl/boy we want to date with. We promised ourselves that we will kill our negative feelings regarding news we got in the morning and work like a ‘Rock-Star.’ 

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Who don’t want to be heard!

Who don’t want to be heard!

There are lots of debates going on about freedom of expression. Some believe that they have every right to speak whatever comes in their mind, but some feel that the content should be filtered with decency and morality before speaking out. Before going into any vociferous debate, we need to understand the difference between “Speaking with Intention” and “Speaking for attention”.

Speaking with Intention

Any independent thoughts, a piece of arts and research finding should be allowed to publish without curtailing under the influence of religious sentiment, feminism and racial discrimination etc.  It’s is almost impossible to define right or wrong intention as, at best, it can only be speculative. Some writers and artists speak with right intention but become a victim of irrational fundamentalism.  There should be some mechanism which can protect an artist, writers, speakers and thinkers from speculation and suffering of unreasonable restriction.   

Speaking for attention

As digital communication is taking over the world people are trying to seek more attention. For number of clicks, some are using unnecessary filthy language. Some propagate hatred messages to seek attention from a particular community with ill-intention. Individual bully someone online, in front of million people which changes mass -perception against that particular person. Cyberbullying drives people suicide to mental illness.  

Let’s debate on freedom of expression ;) 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Nitish Kumar: A Retrospection Survey Results

Total respondent: 765

1. According to you, what is the biggest mistake of Nitish Kumar?

A. Breaking up with BJP (29.41%, 225)

B. Appointing Jitan Ram Manjhi as a Chief Minister (47.06%, 360)

C. Decision of forming “Janta Parivar” (23.53%, 180)

2. Do you know about Mukhyamantri Balika Poshak Yojana (Bihar Government’s Scheme)?

A. Yes (52.94%, 405)

B. No (29.41%, 225)

C. Know some beneficiary (17.65%, 135)

3. Do you know about Mukhyamantri Balika Cycle Yojana (Bihar Government’s Scheme)?

A. Yes (70.59, 540)

B. No (11.76%, 90)

C. Know some beneficiary (17.65%, 135)


4. Do you know the government of Bihar has started single helpline number (0612-2233333) for all kind of basic information?

A. Never heard of (76.47%, 585)

B. Heard but never used (23.53% 180)

C. Used a couple of times (0)

D. used once (0)

5. Do you know about Skill Development Initiatives (Creating 500 million skilled manpower by 2022) taken by the government of Bihar?

A. Yes (25% 180)

B. No (75%, 540)

C. Know some beneficiary (0)

Some  people skipped this question.


6. Whom do you like to see as a next Chief Minister of Bihar?

A. Nitish Kumar (82.35%, 630)

B. Shahnawaz Hussain (11.76%, 90)

C. Sushil Modi (5.88%, 45)

D. Giriraj Singh (0)

E. Jitan Ram Manjhi (0)