Thursday, November 29, 2012


During our evening chitchat I said to Jay, “Current Gujarat government has Rs 1.45 lakh crore of public debt it means 6 crore Guajarati have to contend with an individual debt of Rs 20000 approx.”It was just one of the counter arguments made by me against “Vibrant Gujarat” as a role model of economic growth.  Jay countered me with an amusing argument, “You don’t want Narendra Modi as next prime minister that’s why you are saying these rubbish things.”  I just smiled and said, “of course, I don’t but I have thousands other reasons not this one.”  Jay quipped, “Will you vote for Rahul Gandhi then!”  

After 2 hour of this conversation, one of my businessman friend called me and said with full sanctity, “ Today, My dad got two National Highway contracts and now no one can stop me  from becoming M.L.A of Congress in 2015 (upcoming Bihar assembly election). “  Frankly speaking I really didn’t get the idea how these two independent events are related. It may be because of business, money and politics nexus!  

I said casually, “Bhai, this time you have to fight with “AAM AADMI PARTY (AAP)” candidate and it will be very difficult to get over him.  He laughed and said, “We live in India and more than 60% Indian only vote for money and they never think about development, education and corruption so don’t worry about this party it won’t hamper my vote bank.” I countered, “Isn’t that you and I make the India and our thinking reflects the country’s thinking. If we think ‘AAP’ will smash Congress and B.J.P in forthcoming general election it will because it is the party of common man or you can say mango people, it isn’t the party of Arvind Kejriwal or Manish sisodia or Kumar Vishwas they are only providing us the podium where mango people of India can fight against dynasty and communal politics.” My speechless friend bumbled, “I agree with our view point but how ‘AAP’ will reach out to the grass root level?” I replied, “People like you and me will promote and campaign this party via SMS, blog, Facebook update and also by motivating our driver, dhobi, doodhwala and all the people with whom we communicate in day to day life.”  My friend said, “You are right buddy and from now onwards I will think beyond business, money and politics nexus and work for AAP and will try to become AAP M.L.A in 2015.

It’s my kind request to all of you propagate AAP ideology and motivate common man to vote for our “AAM AADMI PARTY” not for B.J.P and Congress. 

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  1. Aam Aadmi Party or AAP had a marvelous stint in the Delhi elections towards the end of last year. From nothing to the party forming the government, AAP's performance left everyone in awe of their strategies and progress. However, they have only seen a down-fall since the day the party took over the reins from the then CM, Sheila Dixit. They soon realized that they had promised what was difficult to fulfill, the state was in shackles and they lacked experience in governing. All this combined with a haste they were in to prove a point before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections proved to be their reason for quick suicide - resigning from the government. What followed is for everyone to see. They could not perform in general elections as they lost credibility in their ability to run a government. What was a golden chance was thrown and people could not trust their vote to them.

    However it is still early to discard the party completely as they have some life left in them, strangely so but there is !! And it needs to be seen how they leverage that life - to rise to newer heights or to lay down slowly.

    For more detailed analysis and view points please do visit my blog article - In Hindsight - AAPka Bubble Bust ? Not yet but...

  2. Great post, i hope they will do good in upcoming Delhi assembly election 2015.