Sunday, December 14, 2014

Random Thoughts

It was usual lunch time at office and I was discussing general stuff with my mentor, at some point during a discussion he said that it’s very important in life to decide what you want to do in future as early as possible and it applies to everything from career to marriage. I introspected myself and found it’s difficult to decide what I want to do in future.

I run with technologically enhanced generation and live in a free country so no standard set of rules apply on me except my very own country’s constitution which is quite more flexible than one can imagine.  I am 24-25 year old Bihari (Indian) boy who prefers his Mom’s recipes over YouTube cooking videos and at the same time I don’t mind spending 1000 bucks on some random mispronounced Italian or Japanese dish. I used to believe guns have more power than computer but now my Dad relies more on my tab than his bodyguard’s rifle. I find girls more decent and elegant in short skirt than sari. I prefer visiting Baskin Robbins than drinking hot water in chilly and foggy winter of Delhi. I stay in my female friend’s apartment in night and we don’t have sex. If required I wash my dishes than depending upon maid. I have a friend who left his PhD scholarship and took 3 million loan to pursue some random course which he believes is right for him. I find communism interesting and still believe in democracy.  

The point I am trying to make is that growing old, normal life, money, getting married and work for living are overrated. We should do experiments with life rather going by standard set of rules.  I know that nothing conclusive I have written but sometimes it’s not necessary.

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