Wednesday, March 7, 2012

IISER Does Matter!

It was muggy afternoon in Kolkata and I was waiting for my friends jay and vikas in Park Street. 
 Park Street is most perky place in Kolkata where you can discern newly arrived expensive cars and latest Bollywood fashion due to mushrooming of food-joints and dichotic. ‘It’s better to grab some KFC Grilled chicken than to wait under scorching sunlight’, I thought and I went inside Park Street’s KFC. I took corner table because I wanted to catch sight of street. 
 I am a KFC freak, especially spicy Grilled chicken maniac so I went to counter to order some more. On my way back, I saw a hot lass with luscious lips and alluring eyes was standing near my table. Her figure-hugging red top and skin-fit black jeans were flaunting her flat stomach and gorgeous legs. Her frizzy brown hair was neatly tied in a ponytail behind her back which was barely reaching her shoulders. I came at my table and said,” Excuse me, I am already here can you sit on some other table”? She simpers and glances around but all tables were occupied so she asked coquettishly, “Can I share your table for few minute”. I said, “ya sure, it’s my pleasure”. Although I feel distressing in front of classy and comely girls but I want to sit with them. I had no idea what I should say at that moment but I collect my courage and said your fish shaped earing is mind-blowing. Is it she said and asked,” What you do”? I feel vulnerable when someone asked this question still I answered,” I study in IISER-Kolkata. She frowned and fires a lot of queer questions like what is this, where is it and many more. After my irrational answer finally she asked,” How is it different from BSc. ”IISER’s course structure is different and it teaches integrated approach of science”, I said. “Can you explain integrated approach with some example”, she said. 

 In BSc. Exam Question comes….. 

What is your name? (10 Marks) But In IISER’s exam Question comes….

What is your name? Design a control experiment which can prove ‘your name’? Write Hamiltonian for your name and deduce ɸ function for it. Write a chemical reaction which will give ‘your name’ in one step. Integrate ‘your name’ with the help of contour integration. Write a python program which will give number of vowels and consonants in ‘your name’. Prove ‘your name’ is known from Precambrian era. (0.25 + 0.5 +0.5 +0.5 +1 +0.5 +0.25 Marks). 

 After hearing all this jargon she didn’t ask a single question about IISER but we discussed another 15-20 minute about Humid Kolkata. She was ready to leave so I spell out my number avoiding the probability of being embarrassed, alas! she still left me in awe and a bit of embarrassment……all i can recollect is the cute wink and her heart shattering words “ Am poor in science and by choice”. Thus ladies and gentlemen, was discovered THE IISER EFFECT”.

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  1. Well as a resident of Kolkata and a student of IISER Mohali the B.Sc vs The MS structure has always been a topic of discussion for family,friends and strangers:p

    1. Srijit U should answer to all in this style :)